With summer right around the corner, I’m worried about keeping my iPhone protected since we go to the beach and pool a lot. Any suggestions on cases to use? – Emily

Hi Emily, great question and so timely with all of us itching to break into summer mode! We have covered tons of waterproof cases for mobile phones in the past and have a few recommendations, depending on what your needs are.

I personally love my LifeProof case (for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy models) and keep it on my own phone 24/7. Not only is it the gold standard in protect my phone from water and drops, but it’s handy for spills and sticky fingers, which is inevitable when kids are around. And hot tea which I happened to douse my phone with this morning. It also is compatible with lots of mobile accessories which make it nice if you want to work out with it or mount it on your bike.

Incipio Atlas waterproof phone case | Cool Mom Tech

Another great waterproof case is the Incipio Atlas (iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy), which offers similar levels of protection as the LifeProof, covering water, dust, shock. It also offers a 1-year warranty for any accidental water damage from a faulty case (assuming you have assembled the case correctly). Nice to know your phone repair or replacement is covered if there’s an unlikely event of a water leak from this case.


Otterbox Preserver waterproof phone case | Cool Mom Tech

Otterbox has always been on our radar as great protective cases and its Preserver series is the company’s waterproof line (for iPhone 5/5S and Samsung Galaxy). Look and feel-wise, it feels the most similar to the LifeProof –which makes sense since they’re now  the same company–but it does feel a little more bulky. The one thing I noticed with this case is that the on/off mute button switch on the side of the case is very stiff, so if you access that control a lot, it’s something to keep in mind. Otherwise, it’s another great waterproof option and  a real mainstay as far as protective cases go.

Something to note for all three of these cases however, is that due to the very tight seal, once you put them on, you’re kind of relegated to keep them on. Of course you can swap it out every now and again, but it’s a fairly tight fit, so don’t expect to easily pop the case on and off  at the end of each day like other more fashion-focused iPhone cases we have covered.


Griffin Catalyst Survivor waterproof case for iPhone | Cool Mom Tech

If you want a rugged waterproof case, but want a little more flexibility in taking it off, the Griffin Catalyst Survivor case is a very smart choice. It offers the same level of water protection, but has clips on the side that make it a lot easier to remove when you’re away from water and swap in something a little more fashionable.


DryCase waterproof bag for mobile devices, quick and easy way to keep phone protected | Cool Mom Tech

If really all you need is a temporary solution for lounging oceanside, check out the DryCase Waterproof Bag. You can just keep handy in your tote along with your other beach essentials and pull it out when you need it. Sure, it’s not the prettiest accessory in the world, but its vacuum-seal keeps your phone totally protected, whether you’re worried about splashes from the kids or class 3 rapids. This is a case when style can definitely take a back seat to utility.