School’s almost out for summer where I am, so I’m glad to find an awesome new educational app called My Incredible Body that takes kids — and hey, parents too — on a fascinating journey through nearly all the organ systems in our body and keeps the learning going.

The medically accurate 3D models are seriously amazing. You can pinch zoom in and out to see organs in greater detail, swipe to rotate the view 360°, or switch between different levels of opacity to get a better look at the structures inside organs, like the kidneys, liver, and bones. While you’re viewing one system — say, the digestive system — you can also add other systems to the picture, like the circulatory or nervous system. Then you can see the blood vessels and nerves alongside the stomach and intestines.

My Incredible Body app review | Cool Mom Tech

My Incredible Body app | Cool Mom Tech

My Incredible Body also offers kid-friendly narration as you touch each part. The narrator’s voice is pretty chipper, but I don’t rush to mute her immediately. You can also simply read the accompanying text, but my kids and I both like to explore the models as we listen which feels like a museum tour.

In some ways it’s similar to the terrific Human Body app we featured last fall, but it’s definitely geared toward older elementary kids. If you’ve got a super curious younger one though, feel free to let them explore too. (Though if you’ve got particularly strict standards for bathroom words at home, be warned that the words pee and fart both come up.)

As apps go, My Incredible Body is definitely on the pricey side at $6.99 for the iOS version; unusually, it’s free for Android. (Hm, you think Google is behind this one somehow?)  I rarely spring for apps that are more than a couple bucks. But considering how it fascinated all three of my kids, ages 6-12, I’d recommend it highly even for iOS users. What a great way to help keep curious minds active this summer.

Download My Incredible Body for iOS for $6.99 or Android for free. Learn more about My Incredible Body on the Zybright developer website.