Printing your photos has now taken a very cool turn, right in time for cool Father’s Day photo gifts. But then again, the creative folks at Photojojo pretty much have the lock on anything photo and cool. Now, check out the shop’s new engineer prints that help you super-size pictures into something fresh and fun, using a totally lo-fi, old-school approach.

Here’s how it works: Upload a pic to the site. Photojojo uses the kinds of industrial printers typically used by architects and engineers to create 3×4 halftone black and white images on a lightweight, 20lb bond paper. We’re talking human-sized prints here.

Photojojo Engineer Prints | Cool Mom tech

Oh, the places you may go with your double-XL print. Consider these DIY decorating tips for the photos: One-of-kind wallpaper for your home office. Super-customized gift wrap. Cool wall decor for the kiddo’s birthday party. Jumbo wall murals for that wanting space behind the sofa. A  sweetly personalized Daddy-and-me photo gift for Father’s Day. Cute blowups of your last photo booth adventure with the kids.

Photojojo Engineer Prints photobooth | Cool Mom Tech

Photojojo Engineer Prints giftwrap | Cool Mom Tech

So yeah, there’s a lot you can do with these and I love it. Can’t wait to see where else my mind goes with these.

Giant Engineer Prints from Photojojo are at Photojojo for $25 per print with free shipping anywhere in the US.They come rolled and ready, in about 2 weeks. Note: As some of our clever readers have mentioned, you can also get similar services for less at a Kinko’s or Staples near you, if you’re a DIYer with more time on your hands. Just call first to be sure they have the equipment and know what an engineer print is.