I am one of those (awful, judgy) people who will unfollow people on Instagram if their feed is filled with too many type-heavy, horribly designed promotions or ads or OMG LOOK AT MY CUTE BEHBEH proclamations over family photos that might otherwise be  Instagram heart-able. Not that I’m any genius art director by a longshot, but I like to look at pretty things. I like to make pretty things when I can. And that is in conflict with all the Instagram apps and web design apps that can be misused until a normally tasteful person goes crazy with the  Comic Sans.

(And yes, I know that Comic Sans bears the brunt of too much typography-snob rage; all those the cutesie kid handwriting fonts are no lookers either.)

So I’ve always been a fan of PicMonkey, in part because  it’s so darn easy to make things look good–or semi-good in my case–and because the font choices are swell. Especially with a Pic Monkey Royale membership. And now they just added, literally, infinite type options.

Or as they call it, “all the fonts in the galaxy.”


PicMonkey new feature: Your own font library imported automatically

You’ll now see two tabs under the font choices: Ours and Yours. As you might guess, the Yours tab lists every font already on your computer, automatically. You do nothing. So great when you have a blog and require a design with a particular typeface, or you’re just in love with Sherlock Script, shown at top, and want to get it into your PicMonkey collages.

And of course if you’re a Pic Monkey Royale member, you get access to all those fun extra fonts like Channel, Base 05, and one of my faves, Ostrich Sans Inline. (So great when you need something tall and narrow to fit more characters on a line.)

Yes, I’m a font geek and PicMonkey is my enabler. I can live with that.

Check out the PicMonkey blog for info on the new font feature. Now if you have Comic Sans in there, you’ll only have yourself to blame. And if you’re a type geek too, check out our Typography and Design Pinterest board and be inspired.