One of the most common requests we get from our readers lately is our recommendation for the best Instagram collage apps that are easy to use. There seem to be a million apps out there that provide the basic functions of creating a  photo collage, adding text to your photo, sharing to major social networks — including Instagram — and adding filters to your photos. We’ve tried a ton of them out for both iOS and Android, and now we know what makes them each worth a look.

While a single great photo can be incredibly impactful, I’m also a sucker for those then-and-now comparisons of my kids, or the before and afters of a big school project, or new haircut. (You know, the really important stuff.) So here are 10 of the best Instagram collage apps, for those moments when just one picture won’t do.



Best Instagram collage apps: Frame Swagg app | Cool Mom Tech

Frame Swagg Instagram collage app (iOS, free)
This app is possibly the simplest, most basic yet still wildly useful app out there for making Instagram collages. Frame Swagg has more than 50 layouts plus pretty color combos to make sweet, simple collages. Use their sister app Color Cap if you want to add text to your photos. This is a great starting point for Instagram collages and does not require a design degree in the least.


Best Instagram collage apps: PicStitch app | Cool Mom Tech

PicStitch collage app (iOS, free)
PicStitch has the widest selection of photo collage layouts we’ve found, with more than 230 available! Compare that with others that tend to max out around 40. Plus there’s a “layout of the day” that they promote daily. You can use filters, add text, and even turn photos into memes. I love the clean, modern feel of the graphics on this app. But be warned, there are lots of in-app purchases urging you to upgrade your designs, and there are annoying banner ads on each screen which make up for the free app.

Best Instagram collage apps: Diptic app | Cool Mom Tech

Diptic photo collage app (iOS and Android, $.99)
This is the app that people who are serious about their photo collages use. It has the most customization and editing options available, with more than 175 templates–and even more through in-app purchases–ranging from classic to fresh. You can adjust color, curvature, borders, aspect, you name it. And still, it’s remarkably simple to use, and esy to see why it’s so popular.

If you don’t want to spend the $.99 on this one, PicJointer (iOS only) also lets you round corners and adjust sizes . . . but be warned, there are lots of ads.

Best Instagram collage apps - Tiled for iOS | Cool Mom Tech

Tiled photo collage app (iOS, $.99)
The Tiled app is one we’ve all liked for a long time, for its simplicity and flexibility. There are more than a hundred preset templates from basic to more wild, or you can create your own pretty easily. And it’s nice that they don’t limit you to a square template, should you want to create landscape collages for Facebook, or narrow vertical collages for Pinterest. There are quite a few in-app packages you can add as well, but they live in the “store” menu and are not intrusive.

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Best Instagram collage apps - InstaFrame app | Cool Mom Tech


InstaFrame Instagram collage app (iOS and Android, free)
InstaFrame is a little artful, a little more playful, with the focus being fun fonts and emojis you can add into your pictures or photo collages. In other words, this is a great one for tweens and teens who will love all the embellishments, patterns, and crazy shapes like hearts and stars. Definitely not one for the minimalists.


Best Instagram collage apps: SplitPic app | Cool Mom Tech


SplitPic photo editing app iOS and Android, free)
SplitPic isn’t a traditional collage app. Instead, you can clone your photo or merge multiple photos together to make beautiful images (like the leaves above by @mindrite) or the kind of bizarre, but really fun and shareable pics like the cereal shot above, from @easytigerapps. I’m guessing my kids would have a lot of fun with this.


Best Instagram collage apps: Photoblend app for iOS | Cool Mom Tech

Photoblend Instagram collage app (iOS)
Photoblend is similar to SplitPic in its ability to blend two photos together, but the app also lets you overlay quotes or patterns to make pretty or inspirational images. Try the Blend Collage for Android (free) if you’re not an iOS user, though the typography choices leave a little to be desired in our opinions.

Cropic app for iOS: Best instagram collage apps | Cool Mom Tech

Cropic photo editing app (iOS, free)
Cropic is designed for people who are tired of Instagram’s square cropping mandate on all photos. You can overlay a full-size landscape photo, for example, onto a fun background so that the whole image can be seen without cropping it into a square. Collages seem to be an incidental aspect of this app, but we like the patterns and simplicity of the app.


Best instagram collage apps: InstaCollage app | Cool Mom Tech

InstaCollage Instagram collage app 
 (iOS, free)
InstaCollage collages are easily recognizable by the little green photo corners on most of their 80ish layouts, and they are focused on the crazy shapes and fun! fun! fun! embellishments that kids just starting out on Instagram will probably enjoy. For a very limited time, their pro app is free.

Best Instagram collage apps: Photo Grid collage with stickers | Cool Mom Tech

Photo Grid photo collage app  (iOS and Android, free)
This is the #1 photo collage app for Android devices, with 51 million users. Whoa. And it goes way beyond simple collages, with video editing, freestyle collages (where you aren’t locked into a pre-designed grid), lots of templates, and thousands of background designs and stickers. You could play with this one for a long time. Beware overdoing it, and turning your beautiful photos into a kids’ craft project. Also, beware the sneaky banner ads; I ended up on advertisers’ websites more than once. Boo.

 Have fun creating your Instagram photo collages, and be sure to share them with us at CoolMomPicks on Instagram. We love seeing them!