I’d say that 99% of my iPhone camera roll consists of kid shots, often when I’m holding a baby in one hand and trying to maneuver the shutter button. Not the easiest way to take good pictures. Thankfully, there’s a product like Snappgrip to make any kind of mobile photography a lot easier, and yield better, less-shaky pictures to boot. Whether you’re baby wrangling or not.

Snappgrip takes iPhoneography to the next level, turning your phone into a point-and-shoot. Pop on the grip, and you’ll find an actual shutter button, as well as the ability to zoom, and turn the flash on or off. And of course, this means you’re going to hold the phone much steadier, resulting in better photos each time.

The Snappgrip works with a complementary Snappgrip iOS app which is pretty minimalistic. They’re working with developers now to sync with more camera apps, because I definitely think this gadget will be even better when you can use it seamlessly with apps like Snapseed or Camera+.

Snappgrip iPhone photo accessory | Cool Mom Tech

The kit comes with the case and grip accessory, so whenever you want to take a series of photos that requires more than just the on-screen camera button, you can pop on the Snappgrip. Granted, you need to keep the very plain white or black Snappgrip case on your phone (bye fun sloth iPhone case), but at least you don’t have this big protrusion on your iPhone at all times. And also, just make sure that you get the right model to fit your phone – they have versions for iPhone 4s and all iPhone 5 versions.

In fact, one thing I really appreciate about this product, as opposed to some of the other iPhoneography accessories I’ve tried, is that this grip is removable and not permanently tethered to the case.

Considering the cost, I’d say this is definitely a phone gadget for more serious mobile photographers–not nearly as serious as the Sony Smart Lens, but still, it is $69. But if you are willing to replace that big DSLR and really want to take your iPhone photos to the next level, the Snappgrip can help – along with the lens accessories they offer. But those of you perfectly content with blurry, happy kid shots on your Instagram feed will probably see this as an indulgence.

As for me, if it helps me take better pictures of my kids by actually letting me hold the camera properly, that alone makes it worth it. I’ll never get those moments back again.

Snappgrip is available for $69.99 from BiteMeApple.co. It seems like the app should be coming to Google Play for Android phones soon.

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