I am so excited to stumble across SUPERSOCK in my daily (or hourly) Etsy browsing, because wow, what a great idea for making cool flash drives: They’re all upcycled from your favorite toys from your own childhood. Eco-consciousness + ingenuity + kitsch + tech: One of my favorite combinations.

They’re like the bionic toys, getting all teched up for their new lives. An old Kenner Superman action figure can now leap tall buildings in a single bound holding 16GB of data. Scooby Doo’s Mystery Machine transports more than the bad guys who would have gotten away with it if it weren’t for those meddling kids. Count von Count is ready to count 6…7…8, 8  beautiful gigs of memory. Bwahahahaha.

You get the point.

Flash drive from Vintage Superman action figure via Cool Mom Tech

Flash drive from upcycled vintage Grover toy via Cool Mom Tech

Flash drive from vintage Sesame Street Count toy via Cool Mom Tech

Flash drive from vintage Robin toy via Cool Mom Tech

Of course they’re not all trim and narrow, so they don’t all lie flat like standard flash drives. But eh, I think ease of use is hardly the point here. If you’re thinking about one of these for Father’s day, or any reason at all, just grab it quick; each one is one of a kind, obviously. Once that Wolverine is in someone else’s hands, there’s no getting him back. Unless you happen to have some of the other Avengers on speed dial.

Find the cool flash drives upcycled from vintage toys online at Etsy’s SUPERSOCK. Also see our other Father’s Day gift ideas for geeky dads for fun gift inspiration.