We love our dads. We love our geeky dads. So of course we want to put together some of our favorite Father’s Day gifts for geeky dads that we’ve been seeing, loving, and bookmarking for ourselves. Great news: You don’t have to shop at ComicCon to find something perfect. Although two tickets would make a pretty sweet gift in itself.

Some you can still order now in time, some you can find in local shops, some will just offer some needed inspiration. But hopefully none of them are the kinds of things that will just lie around, cluttering around his desk.


Father's Day gifts for geeky dads: Pi cookie cutters on Etsy

Recently on Cool Mom Picks, we found the fantastic 3D cookie cutters from Printmeneer on Etsy, and we can’t pick a favorite. But for a geeky dad we have to go with a Pi cookie cutter, from their section dedicated to geometry and math. Mmmm…Pi. ($8.38, Printmeneer)


Gifts for the dad who has everything: Custom Robot LED paper puppet toy

Check out Custom Robot LED paper puppet toy. This one from a cool little Etsy shop filled with inventive articulated paper dolls, actually lights up when you insert a special key card which you can order blank to write your own personal message inside. ($35, Crank Bunny)



Father's Day gifts for geeky dads at Cool Mom Tech: Star Wars Silk Ties with Imperial Logo

Yes, there are funny, wacky, and otherwise geeky ties if you’re all about traditional Father’s Day gifts for a geek dad. But we’re partial to these Star Wars silk ties because on first glance, they just look like a sophisticated men’s accessory. On closer inspection of the four designs, you can see the Imperial Logo, Rebel Logo, or tiny little Vader heads.  ($54.99+, Think Geek)


Father's Day Gifts for geeky dads on Cool Mom Tech
It’s getting late for any personalized gifts, but this Periodic Table keychain that spells out Father in elemental symbols feels personal, sentimental, and yet totally fun. ($24, Lark and Juniper)


Father's Day gifts for geeky dads: Geek Dad books by Ken Denmead

We loved the original Geek Dad book by Ken Denmead, but he’s got more  fun books in the series including the Geek Dad Guide to Weekend fun and Geek Dad Book for Aspiring Mad Scientists. Admit it, haven’t you always wanted to know how to make your own custom Lego Minifigs? ($12.50, Amazon affiliate, or $11 on Kindle]

Gifts for geeky dads: Gorgeous clip-on booklight

To go with some cool books, we think this is the most stunning clip-on booklight for any reader, geek or not. ($25, Restoration Hardware)

Have you tried turning it off and on t-shirt on Cool Mom Tech

He’ll love this shirt. We love this shirt. Everyone loves this Have You Tried Turning it On and Off Again shirt, whether you’re a fan of the IT crowd, or just a tech-savvy type whose been uttering these very words for years. Plus it makes him feel superior for knowing this in the first place. You’ll see. ($19.99, Think Geek)


Father's Day Gifts for Geeky Dads: Captain America iPhone Case on Society 6 |

Gadget cases? Where to begin? How about with the awesomely dark Captain America phone case by illustrator Purple Cactus. Definitely for the dude who knows his DC from his Marvel. ($35 for iPhone, iPod Touch, Samsung Galaxy S4/5, Society6)

Balolo custom wood covers for gaming consoles | Cool Mom Tech

A custom wooden cover for his gaming controller in your choice of woods to make your decor a little snazzier too? Yes, please. (€14.90, Balolo; ships from Europe)


Father's Day gifts for geeky dads: WiFi hotspot cuffflinks

How can we not be instantly in love with the idea of  Wi-Fi hotspot cufflinks for Windows?   One cufflink is a 2GB flash drive, the other lets you plug it into computer right from his sleeves to conjure up some bars on that laptop in a pinch,  then feel totally James Bond about the whole thing.($249.95, Red Envelope)

Gifts for Geeky Dads on Cool Mom Tech: Vader's Little Princess

Of course we all were taken with Vader and Son, and now, we stand up and applaud for Vader’s Little Princess, humorously depicting the somewhat dysfunctional relationship between Leia and her Dad in Star Wars Style. But then, aren’t they all kind of dysfunctional? ($9.17 Amazon affiliate, or starting at $5 from third-party sellers)

Father's Day gifts for geeky dads: Graph Paper iPhone case at Jack Spade

Subtle and sophisticated, check out the Graph Paper iPhone case from Jack Spade . Nifty. ($40, Jack Spade)

Father's Day gifts for geeky dads: Handmade wooden flashdrive

There are tons of fun little flash drives out there, but for something a little grownup and a little less jokey,  we started carrying this handpainted walnut flash drive by Son of a Sailor in our own shop. Load it up with a favorite song mix, or a Carl Sagan audio book. ($36, Cool Mom Picks indie shop)


Be sure to visit our Father’s Day gifts for Geek Dads on Pinterest – we have so many ideas for you! Also visit our Also check out the 2014 Father’s Day Gift Guide on Cool Mom Picks for dozens of ideas for all kind of dads. 

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