As a mom to three kids, I’ve often thought that a warehouse club membership would be a good idea. I mean, my kids can put away some snacks. Not to mention the diapers and formula, when we were in that phase of life. But going to the grocery with kids is hard enough, and the sheer size of the warehouse club with kids who wanted everything they saw was not my idea of a fun Saturday. But wow, those discounts. So when I heard about the new Boxed app (for iOS and Android), I was cautiously optimistic.

Warehouse club prices, from the comfort of my couch—too good to be true? Turns out, totally true.

Here’s the deal: The Boxed app is free. Even better, there’s no membership fee. That’ll save you $50 or so a year right there. But what really amazed me is that the shipping is free too, if you spend at least $75 on your order.


Boxed app | Cool Mom Tech   Boxed app product page | Cool Mom Tech I found most of the non-perishable items I tend to shop for as a mom, though you’ll still need to head to your actual warehouse club for huge portions of ground beef or oranges. When it comes to snack foods, diapers, cleaning products, and pet care, I’m pretty impressed with their selection of organic options—brands like KIND, Seeds of Change, Annie’s Organics, Happy Bellies, Honest Kids, Vermont Organics, Seventh Generation.

Oh, and did I mention they have Starbucks coffee?

Each product page shows the retail price alongside the Boxed price, so you can see the savings you’re getting. I saw discounts as low as 7 percent and as high as 77 percent, but most were fairly significant discounts.  Just know that sometimes, as with all sites, the “retail price” is higher than any price you’d find in any shop.

I love that as far as navigation, Boxed is a clean, focused shopping experience with few distractions, though they do recommend related products. However, I know you can get many of these same items on Amazon, so I compared a few. The savings seemed to be slightly better on Boxed, though if you’ve got the Amazon Prime membership, you don’t have to worry about hitting the $75 minimum for free shipping there. It will of course depend on what you’re buying through Boxed and how much of it, so it’s definitely worth comparing first.

For busy parents (which is pretty much all of us, right?), this is a great alternative to loading all the kids in the car, jostling for parking, and dealing with meltdowns along the way. Plus, think of all the money you’ll be saving on those things your kids beg you to throw into your card.


Download the  Boxed app  for iOS or for Android for free today.