Oh, any baby can own a cute plush clutch ball. But where’s the adventure¬†in that? With the wonderfully geeky ¬†handmade plush¬†d20 die¬†from Etsy’s Sweetly Geek,¬†you can just see the possibilities. Maybe you’ll have a future halfling fighter¬†on your hands. Or an arcane archer. Or, dare I say–a wizard?

Either way, what you will have is a super cute baby in a stroller who inspires a million questions from passers-by about where you got that awesome d20 toy. It’s also a way to out the closet RPG¬†nerds that you never knew were in your life. You just might be surprised.

Buy the handmade plush d20 die from Sweetly Geek on Etsy. And for more geeky baby gifts, visit our archives. 

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