As women in tech, we’re big believers that girls can and should succeed in any field they want to go into, including sciences and technology. That’s why sought out so many amazing STEM toys for girls over the years, why we’ve cheered for Google’s recent Made with Code launch, and it’s why we’re now so pleased to learn about Google’s Women Techmakers program.

They just announced a partnership with Code School, an online computer programming school, through which they are giving away thousands of free memberships towards three months of coding classes to women working in technology fields.

Yes, free. Go get yours!


Google and Code School support women in coding

Google and Code School give away free coding classes to women

This is a terrific online educational resource that lets you learn by experiencing the process. While it has some good beginner courses, it’s a really wonderful resource for women working in the field who want to up their games and get more specialized. You can sit at your laptop and watch a video lesson on Ruby. You can participate in a screencast on tons of specialized topics related to HTML, Java, and more. You can even learn how to  build an iOS app.

And yes, we all of enjoy the irony that you can learn to build an iOS app thanks to Google. Or is it benevolence?

To apply for a free membership, visit Google’s Code School Learning Opportunity page . We’ll keep our fingers crossed for you. Code School memberships are $29/month, and they have many free courses if you don’t get one of these memberships.