Much to my children’s delight, my new Macbook meant transferring ownership of the old one. As in the embarrassing old Macbook I’ve shared here before, the one with missing letters galore. Seeing as how they have yet to master the art of touch typing, we turned to a set of Kidecal Mac keyboard decals and…problem beautifully solved.

Taking a look again at the Keycal Etsy site (because now my kids want to know what other options they have besides purple ombre), I see so many fun new patterns worth checking out like the awesome rainbow keyboard decals or the rainbow arc decals which I know would be top of their list.


Rainbow Arc Mac Keyboard Decals from Kidecals

Unicorn Mac Keyboard Decals from Kidecals

The woodgrain decals would also pretty cool against the sleek silver laptop housing–provided you’re okay with script letters. However it might be the unicorn keyboard decals that give the rainbow patterns a run for their money. I know if I show them to my kids I’ll end up with another set in my cart. Especially when they realize how easy they are to peel up and change any time they feel like it.

Find cool original keyboard decals at the Kidecal Etsy Shop or at

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