About halfway through our summer, my bag of tricks is getting dangerously empty when it comes to creating fun, new things to do with the kids. But one of our favorite arts-and-craft companies, Kiwi Crate, has developed Kiwi Corner, a well-organized app for iOS and Android that puts a ton of clever offline ideas at my fingertips. And most of them can be done without making a stop at the store for supplies.



Kiwi Corner app crafting options | Cool Mom Tech

Kiwi Corner organizes their library of over 1,500 (!) crafting ideas into one well-designed app that organizes all of that content into logical categories like Beach Day, which offers ideas for all those collected shells, or Top Preschool Crafts if you just want to zero in on those age-appropriate projects. There are categories for recipes, activities and games, and even numbers and math depending on what you–or your kids–feel like doing.

But mostly you. Let’s be honest.

The app also features a Daily DIY which highlights a specific project, like the healthy-eating Rainbow Kebobs or the so-cool Motorized ArtBot Robot. In addition to instructions, these Daily DIY’s thankfully specify the messiness factor, the age range, and the estimated time it will take to complete. Perfect for when I have little time and patience for big messes.

If you have a plethora of crafting items set aside for a rainy day–like waaaayyyy too many cardboard tubes or an unopened bag of googly eyes–type that into the “search” box and, you’ll find more crafts than you could shake a glue stick at.

And hey, if you aren’t in the mood for crafts, type in Active Games, and wear the kids out before they can utter “I’m bored” again.

Download the free Kiwi Corner app for iOS and Android for tons of ideas to keep the kids busy.