Anyone who’s been through childproofing knows that outlet covers leave much to be desired. In fact, outlets in general leave a much to be desired. And so the makers of the LivingPlug’s INLET¬†came up with a clever way to change that, as you might have guessed from the name. And I’m¬†kind of geeking out over these outlet hiders with¬†plates that coordinate to your decor. You might too, even if you have no plan to childproof anything. (Lucky you.)

LivingPlug totally reinvents the outlet¬†with an¬†attractive adapter¬†you pop right in to¬†convert your two-pronged outlet to a three-prong outlet. All of the prongs are on¬†the bottom where your kids and guests don’t see¬†them. Plus¬†it’s got a¬†USB outlet on top – clearly the wave of the outlet future.

But the fun part¬†is that¬†you get to customize the faceplate that fits over the top of the INLET¬†to fit your own style. Even though the¬†basic white finish looks¬†pretty great , the¬†bright yellow chevron¬†adds a fun punch of color to your room. The walnut panel is so nice and warm and un-techy. I¬†also love the idea of¬†wallpapering my bathroom and making the¬†outlets¬†disappear completely when they’re not in use, by covering the faceplate with the same paper. Smart, right?


Yellow Chevron faceplate for the LivingPlug INLET   | Cool Mom Tech

Walnut face plate for the INLET outlet cover and converter| Cool Mom Tech

Using custom wallplate outlet covers to match your wallpaper


There’ also a design-your-own Faceplate¬†option which is definitely a twist on custom photo gifts we haven’t seen. But choose wisely; it can be a little weird to see¬†a cord hanging out from between your grandmother’s¬†legs or something.


Custom photo wallplate for outlet covers by LIving Plug

While I love the fact that there’s no installation needed whatsoever,¬†¬†a big bonus, besides design, is the¬†energy conservation: When appliances remain¬†plugged in but not in use often¬†–¬†like a¬†toaster or juicer¬†–¬†use the UNplug button to conserve up to 15% of the vampire energy that’s still being used.

Shockingly, my seven-year-old daughter is asking for the unicorn faceplate. What are the chances?

The INLET LivingPlug and customizable faceplates are $25 each at the LivingPlug website. 

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