We’ve featured all sorts of cool USB drives here on Cool Mom Tech, from stylish USB necklaces to personalized flash drives, even vintage toy usb drives, but these lipstick flash drives from PointsAndPlaces on Etsy take the face. Er, cake.

Crafted by Toronto artisan Caranina Bertone, these authentic upcycled designer lipstick tubes actually have 16 GB or 32 GB of storage inside for all your digital files. Just pop one of your favorites  into your makeup case, and you’ll never be without a USB drive–at least if you’re like me and never leave the house without your cosmetics pouch.

YSL Lipstick USB Drive from PointsAndPlaces on Etsy

Cool USB Drives: NARS Lipstick drive from PointsandPlaces on Etsy

I’m currently on a Chanel lipstick kick, so I’m partial to the Chanel lipstick USB drive, but she’s got all sorts of cool options, from YSL to NARS. And while I hesitate to bring up the holidays, these would make awesome stocking stuffers for the fashionable techies in your life. After all, she’s got to keep all those online receipts from Barney’s filed somewhere.

You can purchase the cool lipstick flash drives at PointsAndPlaces on Etsy

[via Geek Sugar]