Remember the old days when a Bluetooth speaker was just some ugly but fascinating little thing that was cool simply because it used Bluetooth in the first place? No more. We’re starting to see designer audio collaborations like the Novogratz for Soundfreaq or the Rebecca Minkoff audio clutch, as Bluetooth speakers become home and office essentials–and we actually want them to look cool too.

So now our friends at, who have been doing a lot by way of exclusive tech products these days, are out with this striking little Bluetooth speaker that caught my eye right away. I’m not even sure if I should file it under audio or art.

It features a fun design from artist and painter Brian Farrell who happens to have a thing for music himself. I don’t know that the speaker has got the quality of say a Bose, but it does come from the respectable Jivo Technology, an Irish tech company that’s big on licensed partnerships. (One Direction headphones, anyone?) Charge it and you get about 4 hours of play time, from a device up to 30 feet away.

Looks like a cool nightstand speaker, something for a smaller desk, or even a dorm room – should you be that cool aunt or uncle who sends your favorite college student the coolest gifts. But in my mind, I’m thinking it would look awesome in a modern nursery. Throw your favorite lullaby playlist to it, and it’s just enough time to get that kiddo to sleep.

Find the limited edition Brian Farrell Bluetooth Speaker exclusively at Fab. If you’re not a member, feel free to use our invitaiton link