Usually the new cell phone cases that I find fall into two categories–super stylish or super protective. I’m not exactly sure where that puts my new Loopy Case, which was invented to make it easier for you to hold your phone. But honestly, I don’t care where it fits because if you drop your phone as much as I do, you’ll be as glad as I am to discover it.

The Loopy Case design is centered on the silicone loop in the center back of the case, where I found my finger naturally sliding right in when I was holding the phone. Admittedly, I thought it might feel awkward, but it actually didn’t bother me at all. And since it’s adjustable, you can make it fit to your finger size quite easily.

Now when I hold my phone, it’s supported by the loop, making me less likely to drop it. And better, it frees the rest of my fingers for the all-important task of taking pictures of my kids or sending emojis to my friends. (Kidding. We go light on the emojis.)

Loopy Cases: The silicone ring acts as a stand or tethers the phone to your hand when you talk

Loopy Cases help hold your cellphone to your hand or anywhere

Loopy phone cases make your phone easier to carry

Another little perk is that you can use the loop as a hook, or when I set the phone down it acts as a kickstand, tilting the screen at a slight angle both on its side or on its end. But the thing that truly sold me is the way you can flip the phone around to the back of your hand, like a really big ring. This frees me up to carry groceries, backpacks, or kids with my hands without worrying about dropping my phone–and incurring another $200 insurance deductible on a cracked screen, thank you very much).

I was concerned that the loop meant I couldn’t slip the phone in a pocket, but turns out the silicone is flexible and smooth. However my bigger issue is the whole giant brand name on the loop itself, which is generally not my cup of tea. I’m waiting for someone to ask me if Loopy is my nickname, which, on bad days, might just be.

Order your Loopy Case for certain iPhone and Samsung Galaxy model phones from their website. They’re available in packs with multiple colors for $20 with a lifetime guarantee.