With back to school officially here, I cannot tell you how much I love the benefits of organization and communication apps for parents and teachers. They really do make life so much easier. Well, I’ve just discovered another tech tool that’s going to make communicating with your child’s teacher so simple and hassle-free —Remin app’s text messaging service. Why? Because you’ll never have to get another group text to your entire kid’s class again. Whoo!


Remind app teacher-parent communication: Message the class without revealing contact information

Remind app teacher-parent communication: Add photos, files, and voice clips to the class

Remind app teacher-parent communication: Easily add students and parents to class

Your child’s teacher will register set up a group at Remind (formerly Remind101 by the way), and then students and parents can easily connect to the class’s list when the teacher shares a website link or QR code (yes, we’re still using those, apparently). Messages are limited to 140 characters so you can send them over Twitter as well, although that is probably the last way I’d want my kids to be talking to their teachers. Teachers can attach photos or files to the messages as well, like the map you need to study for the test or the list of vocabulary words for the week. And these messages can be sent instantly or scheduled to go out in the future. So handy.

Best of all, teachers can send messages to their class without divulging anyone’s cell phone number–not the teacher’s and not the students’, so communication is completely private and safe. That way you don’t get 17 responses to the original text or random texts about off-topic subjects that you’d rather not have fill up your phone.

Oh, and it’s free. Does it get better than that?

Sign up your class at Remind or download the iOS or Android app for your phone.