There’s nothing more special than a handmade baby gift, and thanks to Etsy and pop culture, crochet patterns have come a long way from whatever traditional baby blankets we received as babies ourselves. Check out these 14 absolutely superb geeky crochet patterns that are perfect for any offspring of Star War fans, Dr. Who fans, Harry Potter fans, Mario Brothers fans, and more. Or as we like to think of them–future fans.

No so far in the future either, if it’s up to their parents. Is  it ever too early to introduce your kid to Thor? We’ll go with no.


Funky DIY crochet patterns on Etsy: Knight and Horse Lovey at Ala Sascha
Crocheted Knight and Horse Lovey ($3.99 for PDF at Ala Sascha)
Fans of fairy tales (as in, every kid everywhere will love this fantastic horse and knight lovey. If you’re a crochet maven, wow, what an impressive shower gift.

Funky DIY crochet patterns on Etsy: Star Wars ship at Mysterious Cats
Crocheted Star Wars ships patterns ($15.30 for all 3 PDFs at Mysterious Cats)
While babies are too young to play with your original 1978 Millenium Falcon replica until uh, forever, this one can survive little fingers, drooly mouths., and Death Star sneak attacks.

Pattern for hand crocheted AT AT toy for babies

The same shop also has a crocheted AT-AT Walker which in soft yarn, could be just as cuddly as any teddy bear or sock monkey.


Geeky crochet patterns on Etsy for babies:  Dr. WhoTARDIS lovey at Illumikniti Design
Baby TARDIS lovey ($3.99 at Illumikniti Design)
I fell in love with this shop for the name alone, but then I saw this Dr. Who homage in adorable baby gift form and was totally sold.


Funky DIY crochet patterns on Etsy:  Fluffy the Three Headed Dog from Harry Potter at Jana Geek
Fluffy the Three Headed Dog Crochet Pattern ($2.99 at Jana Geek)
Oh sure, any baby can get cute doggies as gifts, but only the coolest will get Hagrid’s favorite pet. And hey, maybe he’ll be a good influence, and teach your baby to fall asleep immediately to music too.

Funky DIY crochet patterns on Etsy: Yoshi doll at Amiamour
Yoshi doll ($5 at Amiamour)
Super Mario’s T. Yoshisaur Munchakoopas is ridiculously cute as a DIY amigurumi doll and with no actual fire-breathing capabilities, he’s safe for little ones too.


Crocheted Thor baby hat pattern makes a cool geeky baby gift

Thor Baby Hat Crochet Pattern PDF ($4, Shelleden)
We see this hat making a lot of awesome first Halloween costumes this year. Intermediate crocheters should have fun with this geeky baby gift that we might like in adult sizes too.

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Geeky DIY crochet patterns on Etsy: Totoro Friends dolls at TGLD Doll
Totoro Friends dolls ($6.75 at TGLD Doll)
We can’t get enough of anything  Totoro and neither can our kids, which is why we think they’d love these dolls. Just watch the button eyes if you’ve got really little ones.

Geeky crochet patterns;  Holly Golightly Doll at Mysterious Cats
Holly Golightly Crocheted Doll ($7.12 at Mysterious Cats)
Okay so I don’t know how geeky she is (as in, not at all), but I am totally in love with this Audrey Hepburn likeness in crochet form. Definitely one more for a bookshelf display than for nighttime snuggling (though a few dads out there may disagree).

Geeky crochet patterns: Robot lovey DIY on Etsy
Crochet robot lovey ($3.99 at One and Two Company)
Robots are such a perennial favorite with boys and girls, and I love this super cute original design. Feel free to change up the colors if want a purple and teal robot instead; he wont mind.

Geeky DIY crochet patterns: Meerkat dolls at Stuff the Body
Meerkat crochet dolls ($5.50 at Stuff the Body)
Though babies aren’t old enough to have yet experienced the delights of meerkat meme gifs, these dolls are a pretty darn cute geeky baby gift alternative to your typical teddy.


Geeky crochet patterns: Pokemon kit at Amiamour on Etsy
DIY Crochet Pokemon kit ($35.00 at Amiamour)
For some reason, my kids are only just discovering Pokemon and while they’re well past baby age, they’d love these–as will any child of the 80’s about to have her own child.

Funky DIY crochet patterns on Etsy: Yellow Submarine baby toy at Mysterious Cats

Yellow Submarine baby toy ($4.23 at Mysterious Cats)
Geek or not, Beatles fan or soon-to-be-one, the Yellow Submarine is a super cool baby or toddler gift, and shouldn’t be too hard for beginner crocheters. That little propeller on the back totally gets me.

Geeky crochet patterns on Etsy: DIY Bella and Edward Dolls at Jana Geek
Bella and Edward Dolls ($4.99 at Jana Geek)
Twilight fans and your offspring: This one is for you. For real. If I got these I’d be reluctant to hand them over to any child of mine; though on a kid’s bookshelf between the Edward Gorey and the  Lemony Snicket seems like a perfect place for this pair.

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