Whether you’re thinking holidays or just looking to freshen up your fall wardrobe, tech style we’re loving these blingy hashtag necklaces from local NYC jewelry, Electric Picks. Which makes it an Electric Cool Mom Pick, since you’ll find it in our indie shop.

The company tends to focus on rock n roll jewelry, some of it made with guitar picks, which is pretty neat in itself. But it’s the of-the-moment hashtag that really catches our eye. The 16-inch 18k gold-plated necklace makes an awesome gift for a Twitter-addicted friend, or that one photographer in your Instagram stream who just can’t stop #adding #hashtags #to #every #word #she #writes.

Remember when we just looked at the symbol on a phone button and wondered what it was for? Good times.

Find the fun hashtag necklaces by Electric Picks at the Cool Mom Picks Indie Shop.