Back in the day — which is, like, basically five years ago — we had to settle for standard-issue grey, black or plain old white when it came down our power cords, accessories and important tech hardware. That was then, and now with things like the soon-to-be-released, snazzy Juiceboxx MacBook charger cases, it’s not just orange that’s the new black. Blue, Red, Magenta, and Teal are also in the mix as well.

The shell is not just about style though. While it does give Apple’s regular white, square charger a shot of color, it also protects the actual cord from fraying and getting damaged. And anyone who owns a MacBook knows that’s A Thing.

You can preorder the Classic Charger Case, with a choice of four translucent colors, or the Ultimate version, which has six color options and seven inserts that let you go for a fun two-tone look. Should you not be able to settle on one.

The Juiceboxx MacBook charger case is available for pre-order through BackerKit. The Classic case is $19.99 and the Ultimate version costs $24.99. Shipping is included for U.S. orders. Estimated ship date is November. For other cute charger options, check out Cool Mom Tech’s archives.