When I’m trying to decide whether to spend money on an app for my kids, I want to be sure it’s something they’ll return to again and again. But I also want my kids to learn something while they’re having fun. All of this is true of the new iPad app, The Four Seasons: A Vivaldi Storybookwhich lets your child explore the changes of the seasons while listening to the iconic classical music by Vivaldi.

My preschooler sat with me to read through this ebook, and we both became big fans of the cut-paper artwork on each screen as you move through the seasons starting in spring. Your child gets to participate in the changes throughout the year by waking up hibernating animals, shaking pollen from the flowers, helping bear cubs play together, and setting white owls to flight from their snowy branches.


Music app: The Four Seasons by Vivaldi iPad app

Music app: Vivaldi's Four Seasons app for kids is filled with gorgeous cut paper illustration

Music app: Vivaldi's The Four Seasons iPad app, filled with beautiful cut paper illustrations

There is no narration, as is the case with other children’s ebooks, so you’ll need to read it out loud to your younger kids while you listen to Vivaldi’s classic. If your kids are like mine, and they don’t listen to much classical music, this is a great way to introduce it. Besides, I personally really enjoy having it play in the background while the children get to explore and have fun.

Download The Four Seasons: A Vivaldi Storybook and let your kids start learning about the seasons today.

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