We always love seeing what the cool dads of the world are up to, because not only are they pretty awesome at this whole child-rearing thing, they’ve got some great ideas about how to make the world a better place. In fact, that’s the goal behind the new initiative Dads 4 ChangeĀ and we’re already fans.

Created by dads, popular bloggers, and friends of CMT Carter Gaddis and Whit Honea, Dads 4 Change is a place to find and share cool causes that can spark interest and spur action by more dads. While volunteering may have traditionally been seen as a mom’s activity, fathersĀ also care about the world in whichĀ their kids are growing up. Dads 4 Change offers themĀ some smart resources for getting involved, no matter where their passions may lie.

A man is but the product of his thoughts - Ghandi quote via Dads 4 Change

I especially like the section on the siteĀ featuringĀ causes thatĀ kids can join. Such a cool opportunity for dad-kid bonding. (And you know, mom-dad-kid bonding too, if you’d like.) Right now the site has got info on orgs we love likeĀ 1Voice Foundation, Cure JM, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and coming soon, two favorites of ours, ONE.orgĀ and Shot@Life. There will beĀ new blog entriesĀ each week featuring more terrificĀ opportunities.

Dads 4 Change has so many inspiringĀ ideas for volunteering and getting involved in great causes, that we could spend all of our free time doing just that. Which is actually a pretty good thought.

Learn more about cool causes and share your own favorites on the new website,Ā Dads 4 Change

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