I think it’s fair to say that you know you’re a parent when you’re excited about Dyson news, even more when it’s something you need to survive the winter with kids, which is why we’re counting down the days until we can get our hands on the Dyson Mist.

Update: The Dyson Humidifier is now readily available in multiple styles at our affiliates Target, Amazon, or home stores everywhere.


Dyson Mist is Dyson's first humidifier that cleans the water as it disperses

Their first humidifier launched in Japan earlier this week, though we’ll have to wait a bit to see it for ourselves. Using their Air Multiplier technology that you might have seen with their fans combined with ultraviolet cleansing technology, the Dyson Mist shoots out clean air into whatever room you’ve got it in, quietly.

As you might know, humidifiers can be tough to clean, which means they often aren’t cleaned — or at least, as often as they should — which sort of defeats the purpose of using them during cold, allergy, and flu season. As in, you don’t want them pumping dirty water into the air. Which is why I love that the Dyson Mist is designed to automatically disinfect before the water leaves the machine.

It not only helps you deal with dry air in the winter, I really like that it can double up as a fan to keep you chill in the warmer months. Plus, it looks great, which is much-welcome added bonus. Now to add my name to the waiting list.

Learn more about the Dyson Mist on their site or find it at retailers like our affiliates Target and Amazon