One of the scariest things I may see this Halloween is my¬†13-year-old disappearing down the street with her big group of friends to go on her first trick-or-treating trek without me. And while it’s hard to believe the years of us trick-or-treating together are history (sniff), I feel better knowing that I can peek in on her throughout the night using Glympse’s free¬†Track-n-Treat app for iOS.

Our readers have been asking for a good child tracker for Halloween night, and this is one I can really recommend.

What I like most about Track-n-Treat is how easy it is to get going, since I have waaaaaaay too much to do already today. Using the same Glympse GPS tracking app that we featured recently, this free Halloween-themed app is downloaded onto your child’s own¬†iOS device. They then enter the email address or smartphone number of those people who should access to their¬†whereabouts for the night.

In our case, this would obviously include me, but my daughter may also want to include a couple of her friends from the next neighborhood over, so that they can meet up during the evening.

Track n Treat by Glympse: A very good, free child tracker for Halloween safety

Once she enables the location sharing with a swipe of her finger, those¬†invited to track her whereabouts will be sent a text or email that gives them access to her GPS location for four¬†hours–about the time she’ll be out collecting treats and then gathering at a friend’s house¬†to swap candy.

I like that her whereabouts will only be visible to those she has invited to see, though I have a feeling that our entire neighborhood will know when her group of 10+ tween girls is anywhere in the vicinity.

If your tween or teen will be out trick-or-treating without you, download Glympse’s free¬†Track-n-Treat app for iOS to keep an eye on them throughout the night. And as always,¬†talk to your kids about why you’re installing it. It’s not a punishment or a spying technique–it’s a good step for them towards more freedom and responsibility.¬†

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