There are certainly a ton of cool flashlights you can buy out there for your trick or treaters–not to mention handing over your iPhone flashlight while the batteries slowly (or uh, quickly) wear down. But I got excited when I saw this adorable little tech craft at for a DIY pumpkin light necklace.

It’s not a flashlight really, but it will help your kids stand out more as they’re darting across the street in the 6 p.m. darkness of October.

All the instructions are at Handmade Charlotte and you shouldn’t find them too too hard, especially if you have some of those gumball machine prize capsules lying around. No idea how they end up in our home, but somehow we always have tons. Add an LED tea light or glow stick and then a little crafty know-how and I think your kids will be thrilled. And glowing. Two traits I wouldn’t mind them exhibiting on Halloween night.

Find the DIY pumpkin light necklace tutorial on Handmade Charlotte.