While we think Halloween photos are pretty fun as they are, PicMonkey has updated their super fun Halloween themes and added a brand new superhero theme that are about the best time-wasters on the web right now that make you feel somewhat productive. You can use them for Facebook posts, Halloween avatar updates, your own digital greeting cards, scrapbooks–you name it. And like everything PicMonkey, it’s so easy, even my second grader plays around with it and her results are fantastic.

As for me, I spent way too much time playing around with our own photo. Because Kristen and I don’t shy away from looking ridiculous whenever possible.

The new comic heroes theme lets you turn your photos into newsprint, Lichtenstein-style dot screen comic prints (my favorite), graphic novels and more, then lay down speech balloons, sound effect overlays, narration boxes (Meanwhile…) and of course your own messages using any of their fun fonts. Or your own PC’s fonts too.


New superhero themes in PicMonkey photo editing | Cool Mom Tech

Hint: go into the regular Effects tab, and use the cross-process overlay to tamp down your color first. Then start playing with the overlays. How fun would this be for posters or invitations if you’re doing a superhero themed party on a budget? Or for a superhero themed Halloween bash?

I’m also thrilled to see the five PicMonkey Halloween themes have been updated too, with everything from cute, cartoony trick or treat imagery to more freaky zombies, vampires, and a cool Day of the Dead theme; although that one works best if you’ve got a good forward-facing headshot to work from.

I happen to love the witch theme, which lets you go all Elphaba on your subjects without use of actual green face paint (at top). But if you like blood splatters, check out how I played around with the zombie theme, combined with a few other effects. It’s really awesome when you put them all together.

How to use PicMonkey Halloween themes on your photos | Cool Mom Tech

Oh sure, anyone can Instagram cute kids and pretty flowers and what they ate for breakfast. But a blood splattered couple of moms? Now that’s something special.

Use PicMonkey for free and start playing around immediately, or upgrade for additional features. Here’s our post on why upgrading to PicMonkey Royale is totally worth it.