We have covered hundreds, if not millions (Okay, probably not millions) of mobile phone cases over the years, and loads of mobile phone chargers too. But this super cool Indiegogo project I just learned about named Juse is the first solar-powered mobile phone charging case ever created, and it if does what it says it will do, it very well may get rid of those pesky charging cables for once and for all. Not to mention saving money and being a bit kinder to the earth.

Juse looks to be an amazing tech accessory that relies on–you guessed it–solar power to keep your mobile device fueled and always ready to use. A welcome respite from a dwindling battery during those times you need it most. Because isn’t that always when your phone dies? Right when you are about to take a video of your kids’ first steps, or frantically looking for directions on Google Maps?

Dubbed a solar nano case, the Juse collects energy from the sun, or even indirect light, and stores it in the case’s embedded nano battery to provide ongoing power to your phone that’s up to three times more efficient than traditional chargers. Sounds great to me.

Juse solar-powered mobile phone charging case on Indiegogo

The case was created by PhD entrepreneurs and Silicon Valley veterans, which is evident in the beautiful streamlined design. In fact, it’s even better looking than a lot of regular charging cases out there. And it’s great that this solar case can even pull energy in low light situations, including those fluorescent office lights your phone may still be sitting under at work.

So don’t worry; no need to go outside at noon and point your phone at the sun to charge. That would just look weird.

The Juse solar powered charging case is available for iPhone 5S, iPhone 6/6+, Samsung Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 4 models and can be pre-ordered for $79 for expected delivery in March 2015–if the project gets funded by its November 6 close date. For more information, check out the Juse Indiegogo campaign page