With all my kids very actively involved in sports (hello fellow swim moms!), I’m so glad to find a sports team management app like the RosterBot app and website, which I think is a great resource for coaches, managers, and team parents, like me. And even better, it’s totally free.

Set up your team in RosterBot by entering names and contact info, then create events for the season: practices, games and tournaments (or meets or matches, depending on your sport), parent meetings, team pictures, awards banquet, and any other team gatherings. Then team members can opt in or out for each event. When practices are canceled or games are rescheduled, just make the change in RosterBot and everyone will be notified. No more long text strings or emails that people don’t get because they’re not on the computer a lot like I am.

RosterBot sports team management app is super helpful and free!

It’s easiest to do all the data entry on the website dashboard, but the app makes it convenient to check details on the fly, like how to get to that practice field on the other side of town. You also don’t have to sift through your personal contacts to find team members (or add them in the first place); they’re all right there in the app.

And bonus: The design is fantastic, unlike some of the other sports team management apps I’ve seen.

One big reason I love RosterBot is that it’s really easy to use, even for a parent who’s not super sports oriented. This makes it especially helpful for recreational sports teams because the coach, who’s already volunteering so much of their time can hand off the job to a team parent and not inconvenience anyone by doing so. And it tells you who is attending each game, which is a big deal. My daughter was once on a rec soccer team with a shallow roster, and we needed every kid to show up so we didn’t forfeit. RosterBot lets you nudge players who haven’t opted in for an event and remind them just how much they’re needed, all in one handy place.

With everything that this app does, I’m wondering how we sports parents survived before. Oh right, I remember. Just barely.

Sign up for RosterBot on the website and download the free RosterBot app on iTunes or on Google Play for Android.