If Halloween’s scary side has your kids jumping at every bump in the night, you’ll want to check out Toca Boo, a brand-new app for iOS by Cool Mom Tech favorite Toca Boca that lets your child be the scary one—and not just when they miss their nap.

Toca Boo is an oh-so-cute game with a mischievous mission: Your child plays the part of the sneaky ghost who hides all over a house and waits to scare unsuspecting family members. And when I say “all over the house”, I mean it: Under the covers, inside boxes, and even inside the toilet which may prompt you to remind your kids to not try this at home.


Get the new Toca Boo iOS app for kids just in time for Halloween


With not-too-spooky music playing in the background, your ghost will find a family member wandering their house with only a flashlight or lantern to guide them–I’m assuming there’s been a power outage or perhaps they just like to lurk around dark rooms too. Your ghost can scare them by touching different items on the screen to make noises, but the real payoff is to sneak up behind them, tap the person and your ghost will shout a mighty BOO!

Time it right and your child will be laughing at the freaked-out reaction they cause. Though I feel a wee bit badly about causing baby brother to cry and grandpa to sprint with a cane, for preschoolers who are used to being the first to scare, it’s fun for them to be the one doing the scaring for a change.

Just watch out: If your ghost is too bold or careless, they might get exposed by the flashlight beam which, for a ghost, is totally embarrassing. Way worse than being seen without your sheet on.

Download Toca Boca’s  Toca Boo which launched today and is available for iOS at iTunes for $2.99. And check out the other Toca Boca apps we’ve loved in our archives.