Finding the best screen cleaner is top of the list for us parents, since our gadgets are so irresistible to our kids. Despite having tested, reviewed, and recommended screen cleaners right here on this very website, I always seem to have enough fingerprints on my laptop screen and any given iDevice to make strangers wonder whether I’m lying when I say I only have two children. I have seriously grossed out more than a few persnickety art director friends who think I’m insane to be able to work this way. So I recently dug out a sample bottle of WHOOSH Screen Shine that I had been saving for no good reason since I first got it at the International CES show back in January.  And wouldn’t you know? I’m smitten.


The best screen cleaner: WHOOSH Screen Shine natural screen cleaner is simply awesome

Give a good spray of the 100% natural cleaner onto the enclosed anti-microbial cloth (which rocks all on its own) and not only does it get out fingerprints along with other mysterious splotches that I don’t really really think about too hard, it does it in about a second. No elbow grease required. It even resists new fingerprints and my screen looks all glossy and shiny and new.

The formula is eco-friendly and free of alcohol and ammonia so no nasty smell. In fact, it’s food grade meaning you could conceivably eat it–but don’t. There are much better ways to use up that bottle.

Honestly, it’s my new favorite thing I’m going to share with everyone I know.

If you’re not entirely convinced you need this, allow me to share some fun facts about tech hygiene. Depending on your definition of “fun” of course. Also, don’t read if you’ve just eaten.


Tech hygiene facts that will make you want to clean your screens more often

Fun, right? Totally fun!

So considering that your phone has more germs on it than your toilet — I’ll let you sit with that one for a sec — WHOOSH Screen Clean is a pretty great thing to keep in your handbag. Or in your camera bag. Or on your desk. Or next to the TV. Actually, I’d say all of the above.

You can buy WHOOSH Screen Shine from their website starting at $5.99 for a pocket spray bottle to a $20 two-pack. Shipping is a whopping $11.99 though, so order $29+ for free ground shipping. It is worth it though, to get the best screen cleaner I’ve come across. You can also WHOOSH Screen Shine at Amazon  (affiliate link) where prices are a little higher but qualify for free shipping for Prime members. Or pick it up in person the next time you’re at Staples or the Apple Store

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