The truth is, shopping just feels better when you find a great bargain. And that winner feeling is definitely doubled when you’re able  to whip out a glorious coupon to save money on a purchase. The trouble with coupons — whether an online promo code or one clipped from the paper  — is that you often forget about them when you need them most, at the checkout.

This is where BluePromoCode app can come in handy. It’s an extensive coupon search engine that gives you access to deals at over 40,000 stores. The coupon app also lets you house all of your online promo codes and in-store coupons in one place: your iPhone. And the editorial staff works to ensure that all of those codes actually work. That’s why it’s called the web’s most reliable one-stop  shop for online coupons.

All those discounts are easily accessible from either the BluePromoCode website or the brand new (and free!) iPhone app. But it’s more than just coupons. You’ll get  personalized recommendations based on your favorite stores, with your own custom feed of fresh daily deals from the likes of Target, Nordstrom, GAP, Starbucks, Sephora and more. Even smaller brands like individual Etsy shops along with in-store coupons for local shops.

Another bonus: You can be notified when a deal you have saved is about to expire so you don’t lose it. Because that’s the worst.

And a major feature that sets this service apart from other deal sites are the editors’ well-curated lists of “insider’s tips” for your favorite stores, including ways to save money beyond coupon codes. Plus the Deal Guides in categories like travel, beauty, or baby are a fantastic resource, especially as the holiday season hits.

BluePromoCode Coupon app is an easy way to find the best discount codes on the web and in store

When it comes time to actually shop, the BluePromoCode checkout Wizard makes it a snap to redeem the coupons with a one-tap checkout that fills out your shipping and billing info for you. In other words the BluePromoCode app is not only free, but easy, and dead-set on saving you money. All things that add up to a win.

The BluePromoCode app is a free download on iTunes. You can also connect to your Facebook account to see what deals your friends are scoring and share the ones you just nabbed.

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