While I don’t think that it’s essential to turn everything princess-themed to get girls coding and engineering, I do think that relatable themes and properties, whatever they may be,¬†will bring more female¬†enthusiasts¬†into the fray. My own girls love Minecraft, they love Frozen, and they loooove playing on the computer. So I give a big thumbs up to code.org, which¬†just collaborated with Disney to introduce an officially licensed, very well-done¬†Anna and Elsa from Frozen coding program¬†for kids.

In fact, it may be the only thing that actually gives them a break from Minecraft these days.

A free new coding tutorial for kids featuring Anna and Elsa

Visit the website, watch¬†the (really inspiring) starter video, and get your kids–yes, boys too–ready for an hour of coding fun.

And it is fun! By the end, kids will¬†have programmed their favorite Arendelle sisters¬†to ice ice skate¬†in cool geometric snowflake shapes¬†and have the pride of completing 20 ¬†“puzzles” which lead to the final result. Such a smart way¬†to keep kids excited, and from getting overwhelmed.

Free coding game for kids in a partnership with Disney's Frozen and code.org

Anna and Elsa from Frozen teach more kids to code through this fun, free website

While still in beta, I find it fairly impressive,¬†with clear instructions, graphical prompts, and rah-rah “you can do it/ you did it wrong but you can fix it” notes, making it an amazingly accessible introduction to coding for grade-school kids who may not have shown an interest before. They can even share their results¬†with friends and family afterwards.

code.org + Disney's Frozen create a fun, free coding tutorial for kids

And hey, don’t be surprised if your younger kids pick it up before you do. Bless our little digital natives.

Visit code.org for the Frozen coding program now in beta and learn more about the Hour of Code campaign, designed to get more school-aged kids wring code.

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