We have covered tons of gorgeous mobile phone and tablet cases on Cool Mom Tech over the years, many of which I covet. But I’m really in love with pretty much every leather gadget case on the Looptworks site, not only because they’re beautiful, but moreover, because they’re all derived from high quality materials left over from other industries.

While there have been a few recycled cases that have come across our desks, like the rPet from Case-Mate and the Ecoshield, Looptworks stands out for its gorgeous designs for iPads, Galaxy phones and tabs, iPhones, and laptops of all kinds.

They have iPad cases made of neoprene salvaged from wetsuit companies, cases that reuse Italian leather, sleeves using leather from the footwear industry, and get this, even tote bags for you laptop-toting travelers, that use leather originally intended for Southwest airline seats (whaaat?). Very cool.

The leather items in particular call out to me. Aren’t they beautiful?

Leather gadget cases: Gorgeous iPad sleeve from Looptworks

Looptworks leather iPad sleeve, made from salvaged leather that was never used

Eco-friendly leather iPhone case from Looptworks made from unused materials

Looptworks leather tote made from recycled leather from Southwest Airlines seats!

Looptworks also offers a lifetime guarantee, which is so rare these days and just goes to show the high standard they hold themselves to. And because each item comes from leftover goods, they’re limited in number, making them even more unique.

And to think that these could have been a pair of shoes. Or seat 17B.

Check out the entire reused materials offering on the Looptworks website. Plus, we’ve got more recycled products in our archives.