All three of my kids have a slight obsession with the weather. I’m sure some of their curiosity is due to the downright weird weather we often see here in Colorado, so it’s no wonder my youngest is really enjoying the MarcoPolo Weather app, which gives him some control over the skies.

This interactive virtual weather app lets kids immerse themselves in different weather conditions without ever leaving the comfort of the sofa. They can raise and lower the temperature, bump the wind speed up and down, and even bring on weather phenomena like blizzards, tornadoes, and hurricanes — all while observing the effects of these changes on the environment and the characters who live there.

MarcoPolo Weather: Educational virtual weather app for kids


Educational virtual weather app for kids: MarcoPolo Weather

I love how this app introduces scientific concepts in such a fun way. Experimenting with the different elements and the results they produce — like what happens to a pinwheel on a windy day,¬†or an igloo¬†when the temperature tops 90¬įF — is a great way to demonstrate cause and effect. The graphics are sweet and simple with fun details to spot, like an eagle cruising by¬†or¬†a porcupine strolling past.

Even though MarcoPolo Weather is geared¬†toward¬†preschool kids, considering how much my first-grader has enjoyed this virtual weather app, I’d recommend it for kids in early elementary too, especially if they dig science and the weather. Plus, I can’t help it — I love¬†that cheeky squirrel.

MarcoPolo Weather is free for iOS on the App Store. Unlock more extreme weather conditions for an additional $1.99. 

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