Every year for a looong time now I’ve looked forward to the annual Simpsons holiday intro that takes seasonal themes and runs with them, hilariously.  This year’s sequence does not disappoint–a Christmas (or Hanukkah?) miracle in itself considering how long Groening and team have been doing these. The best part is the obligatory Frozen reference, which you can’t miss. Probably because they refer to it as OBLIGATORY FROZEN REFERENCE.


I think you’ll want to show it to the kids, if only for the awesome Frozen couch scene at the end with Homer, of course, as Olaf.  Mine have asked to watch it three times already.

And be sure to keep an eye out for quick gags like Burns as Narnia’s White Witch, and Krusty eating Chinese food like all good Jews do on Christmas.. Just uh, don’t bother explaining the Otto/candy cane sequence to them. I’m sure it will go right over their heads anyway.

Simpsons 2014 holiday sequence including obligatory Frozen reference


Check out the Simpsons couch gag before Christmas  on YouTube for your watching and rewatching enjoyment.

[via vulture]