As a frequent traveler, I’ve come to terms with the fact that I carry a big pouch around with way too many cords, accessories, portable chargers, and backups to the portable chargers. Even so, I’m always looking for ways to lighten the load so I really love the idea of the BOLT by FLUXMOB.

(Capitals are THEIRS just in case YOU WERE WONDERING.)

It’s a beautifully designed portable battery charger and wall charger in one; essentially the prongs plug directly into the wall outlet for charging, then they collapse down so you can pop it in your bag and charge your phone with a USB charger. It’s the first I’ve ever seen like that and it’s pretty brilliant–no need to carry around a second USB cable, an additional wall outlet charger for your phone, or to look for another USB source like a laptop for charging up the battery pack. The durable rubberized finish, small size, and minimal weight make it pretty awesome for travel.

Plus, it’s gorgeous.

BOLT portable charger plugs into a wall eliminating the need for two devices

BOLT portable charger is a battery and wall charger in one

BOLT portable charger: Charges right in a wall outlet saving the need for a second USB


It only takes a couple of hours for the BOLT portable charger to fully power up an iPhone 5/5S–I understand Android phone results are comparable–and you should get about 1-1.5 phone charges out of one BOLT. However it does take another four or so hours for the BOLT to fully charge back up again. And while it’s “officially” compatible with any USB powered device, including cameras and MP3 players, I’d say the 5V / 1A output means it’s not ideal for tablets. One more little watch-out: when you plug your phone in, as with the Jackery and other juice packs, you have to be sure to press the button down to start the charging process or…no charging.

However there’s something wonderfully handy about traveling with one little, palm-sized, 3.1-ounce gadget that takes the place of two. Three if you’re counting that second USB cable that I’ve left behind more times than I care to remember.

Find the BOLT portable battery charger for $59.99 at FLUXMOB in a variety of beautiful colors. Shipping is free.