Sometimes your camera can help you capture a brilliant moment. And other times, the thing of beauty is the camera itself. Case in point: the special, limited edition Diana F+ Explorer Nocturne medium format film camera. Between the copper color scheme, the starry night graphics, and the furry little fox staring out at you — plus the matching flash unit — this lo-fi, analogue camera is a dream.

Diana F+ cameras, likes Holgas, are lightweight box cameras with plastic bodies and very basic shutter systems and shoot 120 film format and 35 mm film. Popular in the 1960s, the simple-looking cameras could almost pass for inexpensive toy cameras. But the resulting soft-focus, drenched-in-color photos are anything but child’s play. In fact, there’s an entire photography movement called lomography that lives for this artsy, unique image style.

Diana F+ Explorer Nocturne camera

For even more fun and experimentation, the Diana F+ series cameras work with five interchangeable lenses, including Fisheye and Super Wide, giving you high drama photos from a low-tech film camera.

This special limited edition camera is spilling over with so much cool and creative, I think I see the words Perfect Holiday Gift written right there on the camera… next to our foxy friend. Can you see it too?

The Diana F+ Explorer Nocturne camera is a very limited edition, with only 1,000 units available worldwide. It is available now on Lomography for $99. And for more ideas on what to get those creative shutterbugs in your life this holiday, check out our list of the coolest gifts for photographers.

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