We know. Frozen — and all of its songs — will never leave us. Acceptance is key here, friends. But I have to admit, it tickles me something serious whenever I hear (or better, overhear) little voices trying to belt out the movie’s big ballads. So much feeling, so much heart. It’s like, “Yes, yes! I do want to build a snowman, child. Sign me up.”

If singing along is the height of entertainment for your kids, then they’ll be just giddy over the new nabi Frozen Karaoke Box Bundle, featuring the Disney Karaoke: Frozen app. The charming app includes the mondo hit Let It Go and eight other songs from the record-breaking movie. Follow the snowflake across the lyrics while scenes from the film play out, in true sing-along style.

This cool karaoke box is from the same folks behind the award-winning nabi tablet — which has received high marks from us in the past — so you know it’s made specifically for kids and operates at high-fun velocity.

Disney Karaoke Frozen app  | Cool Mom Tech

This all-in-one karaoke system, which has a hi-fi Bluetooth speaker and comes with a snazzy red microphone, can be paired with the nabi, or your smartphone, iPad, or Android tablet. You can also pair it with any Bluetooth-enabled device and use it wirelessly up to 30 feet away.

There’s a record function on the app, but for some reason it didn’t kick in for me. Goodness knows we all need cold hard proof that I boldly sang Love Is an Open Door for the archives.

nabi Disney Frozen Karaoke Box | Cool Mom Tech

If you get tired of singing the Frozen songs (Tired? What does that even mean?), the box is also a quality speaker through which you can stream other music. Yes, children, other music exists.  Try this free holiday music download, for a start.

As I mentioned, the bundle comes with one mic. It’s a sturdy, studio-quality one with echo control and a 13-foot cable, so your kids — or you; no judgment — can really explore the room with your vocal stylings. And perhaps the best part about the mic: no batteries needed. Just plug it into one of the microphone jacks (there are two — for duets) at the back of the box, and you’re ready to let the storm rage awwwwn.

The nabi Karaoke Box Bundle: Disney Frozen is available at the nabi Shop for $149.99, and the Disney Karaoke Frozen app comes with it. For more on nabi, check out our latest round-up of the best kids’ tablets

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