Backup battery chargers, like this MimoPowerTube from Mimoco, aren’t just for those of you (formerly me too) with battery drain issues. They’re the handiest thing I carry in my bag, and if someone thought to give me these Star Wars ones, it would be the geekiest too.


Star Wars tech gifts: Darth Vader MimoPowerTube backup battery charger


Star Wars tech gifts: Luke Skywalker lightsaber MimoPowerTube backup battery charger

The Star Wars MimoPowerTubes comes complete with a carrying pouch and a charging cable with adaptors for lightning, micro USB, and 30 pin devices. And really, I can’t think of a cooler holiday gift, whether you’ve got a science teacher or a special geek in your life to shop for. Heck, pop it (or Darth Vader, or Luke’s lightsaber!) in your own stocking and call it a day.

Then when people ask what you’re using to power your phone or tablet, you can say “the force.” Worth the $29.99 right there.

You can purchase the Star Wars MimoPowerTubes at Mimoco. We’ve got lots of cool Star Wars tech gift ideas on our Star Wars Pinterest board and tons more great cool tech gifts for kids in our holiday tech gift guide.