Last year, Nicole put together this wonderfully helpful post on how to take better holiday pictures of the family, and it’s definitely worth another look today. At least if you think you might come across, oh, one or two photo opps of the kids over the coming days and weeks. Which we imagine you might.

You’ll find links to fantastic tutorials from great photographers on things like how to photograph a kid in front of a tree, how to take better pictures in the snow (should you have any in your neck of the woods),  how to take bokeh photos that make your tree look magical, great tips for black + white photography, and even how to photograph your food so that your Christmas meal looks as beautiful on film as it does on the table.

Hey, if you’re a Christmas card procrastinator, it may even give you the perfect ecard photo to send over the next day or two.

Christmas Photo Tutorials: How to take better photos of your tree

Happy snapping! And feel free to tag us on Instagram @coolmompicks if any of these tips work out for you. We always love seeing how our readers are celebrating. Plus, it gives our own kids a moment of respite from our own, uh, photographic enthusiasm.

Visit Cool Mom Tech for  tips on how to take better holiday pictures. Photos here via Amy Lucy Lockhart,  Christina Conklin