I’ve been in Las Vegas for the last few days at the International Consumer Electronics Show, and even though the show doesn’t officially start until today, we’ve already been privy to some amazing CES 2015 press previews that I assure you are coming your way. (Once we get a little sleep!) But one of the first things I knew moms would be excited to hear about right away is the mamaRoo infant seat by 4moms. Especially if the throngs of journalists around their booth was any indication.

This is the same tech-savvy baby products company that brought us the amazing, teched-out Origami Stroller, that of the genius one-click fold and unfold; as well as the original mamaRoo infant seat which brought the clunky battery-eating baby rocker and swing into the 21st century. Well, now I’m thrilled the innovators at 4moms are out with an awesome update to the mamaRoo that I really wish I had had when my motion-junkie babies were still fussing in their swings.

The seat simulates five gentle motions optimized for soothing, from a car ride to a gentle wave, to a tree swing. It has plenty of accessories to make the experience more fun and comfortable. But what really gets me excited is the fact that you can now control it the entire experience from an app on your iOS or Android mobile device.

4moms mamaroo high tech infant seats and swings

4moms mamaRoo infant seat now controlled by an app right from your phone!

Any parent of babies knows that when your baby wakes up prematurely from a nap in a swing (thanks for honking your car horn REALLY LOUDLY for no reason, dude) and you walk in to reset the swing–if your baby sees you, she’s done. That’s it, end of discussion. This way, you can actually use your Android or iOs device–from another room, no less–to reset the motion, speed, or sound of your choice, and get your baby back on her way to napland quickly.

It’s Bluetooth enabled, which means you need to be in range for it to work, but it’s unlikely you’d be more than a room or two away from a sleeping newborn anyway.

4moms mamaRoo infant seat control panel including MP3 compatibility to play your own music

Of course there are also the existing benefits of the infant seat that moms have loved, like four built-in soothing sounds, and an MP3 plug-in to play your own music instead of the tinny nursery song excerpts on traditional infant seats and swings. It mercifully charges in a standard wall outlet, so buh-bye, to those zillions of pricy C-batteries destined for landfills.

And I happen to love the stylish fabric options, whether you’re going for colorful and fun, or modern neutrals that blend right into the rest of your decor.

mamaRoo infant seat now controlled with an app from your mobile device

I say, pick the one you like best. With any luck, your baby will be fast asleep in that mamaRoo seat, and never even see the fabric.

Find the 4moms MamaRoo infant seat on the website, along with accessories and options. The 4moms Mamaroo app is available for most iOS devices including iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone 4 and later; and with Android devices starting with the Samsung Galaxy S3, that run Android 4.3 and later.