The weather is so crazy lately that I wouldn’t be surprised if the actual forecast was cloudy with a chance of meatballs, or some other spherical meat product. We all need a sense of humor with weather like this, and while we have a great roundup of funny weather apps, hilarious website Funny or Die adds one more, as one might expect, with their new weather app.

The Funny or Die Weather app (yes it’s real) brings you a new weather “fact” each day, like No one knows what a barometer is. And Despite their reputation, tornados actually build more trailer homes than they destroy. It reminds me of the also funny  Effing Weather App.

The Funny or Die Weather app has real forecasts and hilarious "facts".

Funny or Die Weather app: Yes it's real and you need it

Funny or Die weather app: Real weather, and really funny


The app isn’t just for kicks though. The weather forecasts come from Weather Underground, so you can count on them to be accurate. Well, as accurate as any weather forecast can be.

The Funny or Die Weather app is free on iTunes. Plus you can follow Funny or Die Weather on Twitter.  And check out these ideas for 4 more funny weather apps so you can always smile through the rain.