For those of us with slippery fingers, a raised keyboard on our iPhones like the Typo2 keyboard case can be a huge sanity saver. But at CES 2015 earlier this month, they previewed their new iPad Air and iPad Mini keyboard case, which can actually help you be more productive with your tablets.

After way too many autocorrect issues and thumb slips, I totally get the appeal of a raised keyboard, and I know I’m not the only one. It’s why lots of people I know desperately held on to their Blackberry smartphones, and it’s why Typo2 keyboard cases have been so popular.

The Typo2 keyboard case gives your iPhone an actual keyboard

If you’re not familiar with the Typo2 keyboard case (above), they were brought to the market by Ryan Seacrest (yes, that Ryan Seacrest) and they work via Bluetooth to help you click away on your iPhone with a raised keyboard. Not only do they give you access to the entire iPhone screen, which, if you notice, you lose when your LCD keyboard pops up, but you get cool typing shortcuts too.

But with their new iPad Air and iPad mini cases (top), you get a super thin, super sleek keyboard case that lets you use your tablet like you would your laptop, except without the bulk. Designed by the same company who created the hinge for the iPad Air (cool!), it keeps your iPad propped up so you can take notes, send emails, or search the web more comfortably.

Or tweet, pin, and share your every move on Facebook. What?

Now, these cases are definitely for productivity versus protection. If you’re a heavy iPad user who wants to be able to work more quickly and more effectively without always having to lug and whip out your hefty laptop, this looks like the gadget you’ve been waiting for.

You can purchase the Typo2 keyboard cases for iPhone 5, 5S, and 6 on their website. Stay tuned for the launch of their new iPad Air and iPad Mini cases, coming soon. 

Photos by Jon Armstrong for Cool Mom Tech