My iPad has dozens of educational apps loaded on it, and I usually feel better about letting my kids have screen time if they’re learning something. The new app HeyHey Hurry from Belgian street artist BuĂ© has none of that. And I’m okay with it. Because sometimes kids need time just to have fun. (Gasp.)

It’s true that this app involves hand-eye coordination. And decision-making skills. Oh, and they’re being exposed to a new artist who’s starting to garner some serious attention worldwide.

HeyHey Hurry app: A fun scrolling game for young kids.


So, here’s how the story goes: Oscar the dog sleeps at night and dreams of being a pilot. Your job is to steer him—while he’s still asleep—between obstacles and blast away his enemies. Think a more colorful version of Temple Run with the ability to shoot things. But don’t worry, it’s no Call of Duty. This is friendly enough for your preschoolers to play.


HeyHey Hurry: Six levels of fun for your young kids.


This app will hold the interest of kids under age 8 or so. They will learn how to play quickly, and they’ll want to keep playing through the six increasingly complicated levels. The music has a fun old-school vibe, and the bright, vivid colors are perfect for young kids. Also, there are no ads or in-app purchases. Woot!

If you’re cooped up inside after a long string of snow days, or you’re just looking for something new to keep the kids busy—try this out. It’s just a fun game for them to kick back and enjoy. Don’t worry, we have some tips for managing screen time if they grow obsessed. But a guaranteed 30 minutes for me to get dinner ready is a win in my book.

You can download HeyHey Hurry for $2.99 at iTunes.

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