All the typing I do during the day has really built up tension in my arms, and probably other parts too. After studying up on ergonomics, I have some ideas about how to change my workspace, starting with a laptop stand for my MacBook. So this week, I’ve been trying out two new laptop stands from two of our favorite small tech companies see which is best. There’s the Kickflip laptop stand from Bluelounge and the ParcSlope MacBook stand from Twelve South. Here, my thoughts on each, and what you should consider before choosing one.

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Kickflip laptop stand from Bluelounge adheres to your MacBook and folds flat

The Kickflip laptop stand adheres to your MacBook for portability

Kickflip Laptop Stand for MacBook: Budget-friendly option designed for portability

The Kickflip laptop stand is a convenient, budget-friendly way to improve your ergonomics. In other words, get those elbows off the desk! The Kickflip is designed specifically to work with MacBook laptops, but because it simply affixes with an adhesive strip, I don’t see why this stand wouldn’t work with any laptop, as long as you don’t cover the vents.

Once attached, you just flip out the kickstand (thus, the name) and you have about a one-inch elevation for your laptop. It’s perfect for those who work on-the-go and don’t want to have to tote around anything extra, since it’s already attached. Pretty smart.  Should you want to remove it, the adhesive comes off pretty easily with soap and water. (Just be careful not to soak the motherboard, of course.)

I’ve seen some complaints about the adhesive losing its stickiness after a few weeks, and that could have to do with using it on non MacBooks, or the laptop not being clean before the Kickflip goes on, but it’s a caution worth sharing. And I do wish the Kickflip had a silicone strip along the bottom edge to keep my laptop from sliding around on my desk.

All that said, this is probably not my favorite, although perhaps with some minor tweaks it could be fantastic. However for under $18, if you take your laptop everywhere you go, the Kickflip laptop stand is one worth considering. ($17.95+, Bluelounge)




The ParcSlope laptop by TwelveSouth: Gorgeous option for MacBook users

ParcSlope laptop stand for MacBook including built-in cord management

ParcSlope Laptop Stand for MacBook: A gorgeous option to blend with your desktop

Apple fans are generally design conscious, and Twelve South gets that with beautiful design and smart function built into all of their smart, durable accessories, like the new HiRise iPhone and iPad dock or the brilliantly simple Book Arc that helps you get way more out of your iPad. The ParcSlope stand for MacBook joins their list of innovative Apple accessories.

This stand is about three-inches high, which elevates the screen to almost eye-level–as long as my desk chair is at the proper height. Good reminder for me. It is made from solid metal with a few silicone ridges to hold my MacBook in place, so it feels really sturdy and allows for airflow. Rubber pads on the bottom keep my desk free from scratches, and I above all, I love the thoughtful cord management details that are built right in.

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The ParcSlope stand has been working really well for me in my home office.

Of course if your office is the local Starbucks or the tray table in front of your airplane seat, the ParcSlope probably isn’t the stand for you. At almost 2 pounds, it’s fairly heavy to tote around, and the solid metal construction means it’s not meant to fold down flat for portability.

However if you’re a MacBook user, the ParcSlope laptop stand may be exactly what your desk is calling for, integrating perfectly into your everyday workspace. ($49.99, Twelve South)

You can find the ParcSlope MacBook Stand and the 13″ and 15″ Kickflip stands for MacBook at our affiliate Amazon, or at their respective websites. Thanks to the companies for sending samples for review.

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