There are some really cool printable Valentines that we’ve recently found for kids more focused on science and tech than doilies and conversation hearts, but the DIY Valentines that caught my own kids’ eyes this year is the DIY Light Circuit Light Up Valentines project from Left Brain Craft Brain.

This craft looks very doable, whether wiring circuits is in your daily wheelhouse or not. Plus, the result is awesome. I have a feeling my son’s third-grade friends will geek out over a Valentine that lights up when they touch it. And when they find out he made them himself — even cooler.

Of all the components, the batteries are the most expensive part — in the $2 range each in bundle packs. So, this isn’t a cheap project, and you probably don’t want to make them for a classroom of 32 kids. But as a fun weekend project that doubles as educational, what a special idea.