With 8 bit making a comeback (thanks, Minecraft) and pixels starting to appear everywhere as a “new” art technique, it’s not surprising to see them make their way from our desktops to our countertops and beyond. I’m seeing them on all sorts of housewares and decor lately, I especially love them in bright colors that add some modern pop to your home decor. Here are a few favorites from a little pixel fun to a serious decor commitment.


Pixel decor: cutting board at MoMA store


At the MoMA store, I noticed this awesome looking tempered glass Pixel cutting board which can help expand counter space if you place it on the stovetop–with the stove off of course Or just use it as a cutting board for chopping with easy clean-up. I love the look so much! ($25; $22.50 for members)


Pixel decor: pillows by Cristian Zuzunaga

I’m seeing plenty of photo-realistic pillows that blow the images up into nearly indiscernible pixelated images, but I kind of like just seeing pixels as design elements on their own, like these beautiful Christian Zuzunaga pixel pillows in a ton of cool colors.  ($120-145)


Pixel decor: printable artwork by ModBee Design on Etsy

It reminds me of a Vasarely print my parents had in my home growing up, which might be why I am so drawn to this pixel artwork (also at top). It’s actually a download from Denver’s ModBee Design on Etsy, sent to you as two different PDFs. Make sure your printer ink is up to par or take it to a pro, because these colors are gorgeous. ($8)


Pixel decor: wall mural for kitchen walls | PixerSize

If you think you can handle a pixel design in a larger space, try this cool Pixels Wall Mural from the UK’s Pixersize. This version is 70.9 x 82.7-inch but since each one is made to order, you can get one to suit any wall. I can’t speak to the quality–reviews are a little spotty at their Etsy shop, though the Pixersize website has tens of thousands of fans, which makes me think they’re doing something right. (This version, $237)


Pixel design from Flor tiles

The cool thing about modular Flor tiles, especially for parents, is should one get stained or ruined, you can just pop it up and replace it. There are dozens of styles, but the House Pet Flor tiles are built to take a beating, and come in some ready-made pixel patterns for you. (Hummingbird is pretty sweet looking with shades of purple, black, gold and neutral grays). Or grab nearly any of their solids tiles, pick your color palette, and design your own pattern. Hey, if you ever get tired of pixels, at least you can pull them up and make some stripes or something. (Starting at $192 for a 5′ x 7′ House Pet tile design)

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