Confession: I’m not exactly sure where our thermometer is. On the rare occasions that my kids run a fever, I use the same method my mother did: forearm to the forehead. But the new Wishbone thermometer has to be the smartest way to take a child’s temperature that I’ve seen yet. I’m totally blown away by this gadget and everything it can do.

The Wishbone plugs into your Android or Apple smartphone and works with a companion app to measure and track temperature data. It’s shaped like an actual wishbone — one end contains the battery, and the other end has an infrared sensor which sends temperature data to the app.

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The sensor doesn’t even need to touch your child; just hold it 3-5 centimeters away from their forehead, and it registers your child’s temperature (or yours) within two seconds. Two seconds!

Imagine how helpful that is for checking the temperature of a sleeping child, or a baby who’s wiggling and screeching.

Use the Wishbone thermometer to check the temperature of formula, baby food, or bath water.

The Wishbone thermometer app keeps a historical record of temperature data for all of your children, and you too.

Wishbone Smartphone Thermometer: Genius!
The whole history over time is saved through your app,  so you can look like Parent of the Year in the pediatrician’s office. (Should they have such an award; I’m convinced they secretly do.) I also think it’s neat that the Wishbone can be used to check the temperature of formula, baby food, bath water, or even the ambient temperature in your child’s room. Just hang onto your phone really tight when you’re holding it over a tub full of water.

Wishbone has already surpassed its Kickstarter goal, as well as nearly all of its stretch goals, so we’re definitely not alone in thinking that this product is a winner. Grab one now! It certainly beats my unscientific temperature-taking method.

Head over to the Wishbone thermometer Kickstarter site and pledge $33 to receive one Wishbone, or $60 to receive two. Production is expected to begin in April 2015.