If you’re like me and are still peeved about Pluto being demoted from planet status due to its size, then you will appreciate this hilarious Dear NASA Pluto planet t-shirt from Look Human.

Granted, I’m not generally a fan of “your mom” jokes, probably because I’m now old enough to be the mom of the kids making those jokes. But I will make an exception for Pluto because we all know it’s totally a planet, and I’m more than willing to proclaim that on a t-shirt. I mean, now I have to remember there are 8 planets for Trivia Crack? What about my clever song to remember them all? Don’t they know how hard it is to find something to rhyme with Neptune? (Okay, not really, but still, argh!).

I realize my ire will have little impact on NASA but this space geek will not go silently into the night. Or, um, Milky Way.

You can purchase the Dear NASA Pluto planet t-shirt at Look Human. It’s a fun site! 


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